Enjoy consistent returns with Strategic Funding investments.

Do you have funds to invest rather than a borrowing need?

Strategic Funding, LP is a private lender that caters to short term real estate investors. We offer a 12% annual, preferred return to accredited investors and institutions seeking a lower volatility alternative to more traditional investment opportunities. We are proud to share that we have a ten-year history of providing this return. Furthermore, the LP’s management receives no compensation until this annual milestone is met.

Much like a mutual fund, your investment is invested in a portfolio of private real estate loans that are secured by first deeds of trust on real estate and personal guarantees. These loans are diversified across multiple locations and borrowers.

The LP seeks borrowers who have a track record of successful real estate investments and real estate rehabilitation know-how. We then leverage our own experience in the field to create a profitable loan.

You can also use your self-directed IRA to make an investment in Strategic Funding, LP. Please contact us for more details.

The minimum investment in Strategic Funding, LP is $50,000 and is only appropriate for accredited investors.

Find out if you qualify as an Accredited Investor.

Matthew Turner

Matthew Turner

Financial Manager


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