Fix & Flip loan programs to suit every borrower

Are you renovating a property and need short-term financing to cover the purchase and/or rehab? Strategic Funding offers hard money Fix & Flip loans that make funding your deals straightforward and easy.

We offer three different Fix & Flip loan programs, plus transactional funding, giving borrowers the opportunity to decide which approach is best suited to their own unique circumstances and goals. Which is right for you?

Program Benefits

  • No Monthly Payments

    No monthly payments are typically required on vacant properties that are being rehabbed.

  • No Downpayment

    Since our rehab loans are based primarily on the property value vs. purchase price, you may not be required to make a down payment.

  • No Income/Employment Verification

    As a hard-money lender, our primary concern is the equity in the property you are flipping and your ability to execute. There's no minimum credit score required for our borrowers for this loan.

  • No Outside Appraisal

    This allows us to make a decision within 24 hours and close as soon as the next business day.

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Interest Rate 13.99%
Loan Length 6 months

Extensions may be available. Please contact us to discuss further.

Minimum Loan None

$75,000 outside of Virginia.

Monthly Repayment None

On typical 6 month loans.

Prepayment Penalty None
Lien Position First position only
Loan-to-Value 65% of After Repair Value