It's our process that sets us apart

What makes Strategic Funding different is that we strive to make the loan process as simple, quick and painless as possible for our borrowers.

We can typically close in 7-10 days from application, with no credit checks, employment verification or outside appraisal required for most loans.

  1. Process Begins
  2. Day1

    Pre-qualification Upon request, we send a pre-qualification letter, otherwise known as 'proof of funds' when making an offer on a property.

  3. Day2

    Application Fill out the simple online application. In addition, you will need to submit at least 3 comparable sold properties in the last 6 months to justify the ARV. This can be generated by your real estate agent if you need assistance.

  4. Day3

    Inspection We set up a time to physically inspect the property with you, usually within 24-48 hours of receiving the application.

  5. Day4

    Offer Within 24-48 hours, we contact you regarding a loan offer, and issue a formal commitment letter.

  6. Days5-6

    Draw Schedule You send a scope of work for repairs to be completed. We create a draw schedule to release the repair funds (this must be completed at least 48 hours prior to closing).

  7. Day7

    Closing We move to close!
    This is typically within 7-10 days depending on your settlement company.

  8. Loan Closes

Note: Timeframes are given for guidance only; time to closing will depend on your individual circumstances.

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